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Egyptian God of Knowledge, Thoth is the progeny of Horus and Set and the Neter's repository of all knowledge known to the Gods up to this day.

Tall and with a thin body, ibis-headed and with a witty mind swift to puns and pranks, Thoth is a rather calm deity. He is the enforcer of the highest concept of social order defended by his pantheons: balance in struggles, whether it is between two Gods or the war between Titans and Gods. In Horus' fights against his uncle Set, Thoth often gave a hand to the latter to keep the balance. Eventually, someone is deemed to win, but Thoth will always be found on the side of the weakest.
Because of that feature, Thoth is sometimes seen as a traitor to the cause of the Gods by the most hot-blooded deities in the Overworld. But Thoth does not care about these accusations, as he knows the fight between Gods and Titans must remain eternal in order for the World and the very essence of Reality to remain functional. A concept that only the most educated divinities realize and try to enforce. Thoth has been witnessed multiple times taking the side of either Belobog or Chernobog in their eternal struggle.

Besides this duty of "serving knight", Thoth is always keen to absorb new knowledge. Like Ptah, he is not bothered by the origins of the said knowledge, as long as it is certified to be a true fact. In Aunu, Thoth is the only God not living on a barge and instead owning a giant library where he stocks every piece of knowledge he can hoard. He spends a lot of his time the Repository of Knowledge, pursuing objectives known only to him. And maybe Bastet.

He and Bastet share a different attitude towards knowledge: where Bastet keeps her mouth shut for everyone, Thoth is always keen to have intellectual conversations or answer questions of every sentient being able to follow him in his sometimes highly abstract reasoning. Of course, Thoth is not an open book and the amount of information he will give will depend on his interlocutor's intelligence, interests and intentions.

Thoth's Godborns are equally driven by the search of knowledge and seek to share all they know with people they will judge worthy. They are teachers, spiritual guides, physicists, astronomers, or archaeologists.

Associated Powers

Night - Stars
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Order - Self-Control
Light - Illumination
Order - Knowledge
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities

First Aid

Known Godborn