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Tiamat was a major Titan of Oceanus, a fierce enemy of the Gods and the Avatar of Water as Life. She was one of the first Titans the consort of Abzu, and was destroyed in antediluvian times by Baal. Her death created a enormous flood throughout the World, its myth surviving in many religions of the world to this day.

Despite her demise, as the Water of Life, Tiamat's presence can be felt to this day. Tiamat's numerous offspring have survived the test of time and the hardships of the Titanomachy, and are now quite neutral in the upcoming war, each Titanspawn acting with its own agenda for various Avatars such as Yam, Sedna, Abzu or even Gaia. They usually are exceptionally humongous beasts with average intelligence at best, but with an aptitude to survive anything the centuries of war threw at them. Some say that the Holy Grail could also be one of her titanspawn.