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The Hall of Supreme Harmony from the South Bridge

Godrealm of the Celestial Bureaucracy, Tiàn is located at the borders between Oceanus and Terra.

Home to the Chinese Gods, it was built by the creator Gods Fuxi and Nuwa and it takes the form of a gigantic Forbidden City where every being - souls, mythborn and Gods alike - vacate to their daily duties. Everyone of them is conscious their own individuality is not to be considered in there, only matters the Greater Good and the Bureaucracy's supremacy. All work willingly to bring their own participation to the great structure the pantheon represents.

To access Tiàn from the World, Nuwa built four Axis Mundi, one for each fundamental element - minus Metal. The Yellow River, the Kunlun volcano, Mount Everest and the Jianfeng tropical forest. Each one of them brings the traveler to one of the four bridges crossing the Pit of Infinite Abyss, remains of Yam's realm's part conquered by Fuxi and Nuwa in order to create Tiàn.

With the four bridges excluded, there are three major landmarks in Tiàn:

  • The Palace of Heavenly Purity, built by Shangdi after the First Titanomachy to provide his parents a place to heal their wounds. It is built in traditional Feng Shui manners, with fountains providing peace of mind and visiblity over the Imperial Garden located nearby, and respect of the four cardinal directions, symbolized here by the four Dragon Kings. From here, Fuxi and Nuwa keep playing their role of Muses for humanity while healing. They are sometimes seen in the Imperial Garden, walking and picking fruits. It is not rare to witness Shangdi joining them to have a chat with them nor to see the three of them joining Xiwangmu in the Golden Orchard to drink some tea together.
  • The Imperial Garden, designed to procure peace of mind across all Tiàn and ease the Godrealm's inhabitants' will to accept their duty. It is also the main gate to the Golden Orchard from Tiàn.
  • The Hall of Supreme Harmony, the main building in Tiàn. This building is the heart of the Bureaucracy and where all of the order it relies on starts from. The stairs and the central court are permanently crowded with busy souls and minor deities working, hurrying up. Above the central court, in the highest part of the building are the Yellow and Jade Thrones, where Shangdi and Guan Yu sit. The esplanade before the Hall is where the Imperial Heaven Army gathers before going to war. It is when crossing the South Gate with the right spell that the armies can cross a portal which will bring them to the Greater Wall.