This is a brief timeline of the setting, laying out the major events that have shaken the world of Wyrdwalkers.

Lost Times

??? - The Primarchs and the Great Adversary wage war against each other.

~4500 BC - The Primarchs discover the World, starting a Golden Age for humanity.

~4300 BC

  • Final Battle between the Primarchs and the Great Adversary.
  • Baal slays Tiamat leading to a worldwide flood ending the Golden Age.
  • The Overworld is formed and the Primarchs exile themselves.
  • The Watcher destroys the Axis Mundi to the Primarchs' realms.

3500 BC to 1st Century BC

~3500 BC

~3200 BC.

~3100 BC

~2400 BC

~2000 BC

~1700 BC

~1500 BC

~1200 BC

~1000 BC

~900 BC

~300 BC

1st Century AD

  • The Theoi's aggressive expansion through the Roman Empire brings it at odds with the Neter to the South, Aesir to the North, and Deva to the East.
  • The Bogi Lyudei becomes vassal of the Theoi
  • Loki tricks Hodr to throw a mistletoe spear to Baldur, killing the latter outright and leading to the downfall of Nanna and nearly bringing Ragnarok upon the Overworld

3rd Century AD

6th Century to 12th Century AD

6th Century AD

9th Century AD

  • Charlemagne, Godborn of Odin, unifies feudal Europe.

10th Century AD

12th Century AD

15th Century AD

  • Leonardo Da Vinci, Godborn of Archimedes, becomes the most famous inventor of his time and starts the European Renaissance.
  • Cortez, Godborn of Ares, precipitates the fall of the Aztec civilization.
  • The Slave Trade begins and expands the Orisha's territory to the American continents. The Loa generation of the Orisha starts to appear.

17th Century AD to 19th Century AD

17th Century AD

  • Louis XIV, Herald of Aten, inherits the Kingdom of France and instates the domination of Aten over Western Europe, resulting in a century of wars.

18th Century

  • Independance War. The United States are given as free territory for Gods' wars. The young and unprepared Native-American Gods are destroyed by the massive invasions from all pantheons.

19th Century AD

  • Tensions between the Teotl in the South and the Theoi and the Aesir in the North trigger the American Civil War which ended with the defeat of the Aztecs Gods. The Orisha, thanks to diplomatic manoeuvers of Yemoja and her son Abraham Lincoln, managed to obtain the ban of slavery from North America while remaining neutral - officially that is - during the conflict.

20th Century AD


  • A group of Godborns discovers the existence of the Primarchs and reveals it to the Gods.



  • A group of Godborns investigate a strange phenomenon regarding souls and finds out about the existence of another Primarch.
  • The Council of Babylon is formed