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Godrealm of the Tuatha Dé Danann, Tir na nOg was created by Danu at the border between Terra and Oceanus and connected to the World through the Eye of the Earth situated on the Hill of Tara.

Tir na nOg is a magical and peaceful place composed of many isles - the most famous of them being Emain Ablach - each isle being a green paradise.
Waterfalls, rivers, endless forests with insects glowing in the night, Tir na nOg's landscape is a soothing sight for sore eyes - or any eyes for that is. Mythborns and humans are most welcome in there and they are always treated with the best hospitality a host could provide. There are no actual buildings in the Celt Godrealm, only a fair amount of pavilions scattered everywhere, where anyone can find some rest or discuss topics of some sort while drinking the finest tea or the strongest beer.

Between the numerous islands of Tir na nOg stretches the Infinite Sapphire, a sea spatially infinite where Manannán mac Lir spends most of his time ferrying dead souls to Tech Duinn or simply scouting. The Infinite Sapphire is the main entrance to Tech Duinn from Tir na nOg, but the border between both realms is utterly unstable with storms whose winds could tear apart the toughest boats and lightnings whose lights could blind mere mortals. Manannan - and before him Lir - is uncannily talented to go through these storms to escort the Souls to their resting place.

Before the Concordat of Stonehenge, the bond between Tir na nOg and Ireland was so intense that both places were almost completely merged. This allowed the Tuatha Dé to live among humans on the World without suffering crippling fatebindings. Since the Concordat was ratified though, the barrier's integrity returned to normal and Tir na nOg remains now accessible only through the Eye of the Earth. However, a mark of these ancient times where Gods were walking amongst humans remains and on the day of Samhain - on October 31st - the passage between Ireland or Britannia and Tir na nOg is as easy as it used to be before the Tuatha Dé left the World.