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Titania, Queen of the seelie Fey of the Summer Court, is as much a part of Fairie itself as she is a fey. She is the World in summer, the sun's caress on the skin, the smell of a field after the rain. Some might think of Titania as gentle, and she can be. But she is also the scorching in the desert, the roaring monsoon, the intricate jungle. Unlike her counterpart Mab, Titania is not interested in tricking mortals - instead, she offers them the deals of a lifetime, but only if they pay the price. Titania inspires love and awe and terror all at once, and does not hesitate to brutally destroy anyone who makes the mistake of underestimating her.
Many have taken the welcoming vastness of Titania's realm as an invitation to invade and settle in her realm. Those who have done so without her accord have learned not to make that mistake again.