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The Titans are the primordial beings, the first to exist, immortal, perpetual, all-powerful entities embodying the nature of the Cosmos itself. Residing in the infinite expanse of a Titanrealm, the Titans are the oldest and most powerful force in all of Creation.

Primordial Powers

Each Titan embodies one general concept, the nature of one thing. Each carries connotations beyond its core concept, and many overlap. Surtr is Fire as Destruction, while Camazotz is Death as Extinction - as such their realms are close together despite their core concepts - Fire and Death - being seemingly very different. Every Titan has reflections of itself in the World, with the ability to transform, destroy, and expand itself if given the opportunity.

These concepts are what truly drive the Titans. Surtr IS Destruction. Not destroying would be to Surtr what not breathing is to humans. Not all Titans are bent on destruction or expansion, however. Helios and Selene have settled in the cycle of Day and Night, and Thanatos is happy to gently reap the Souls of the dying without any further interference, for example.

The Overworld

The Overworld is the expanse containing all of the potential of the many concepts of the cosmos. It is infinite, in every direction. Most of the Overworld is but a thought, a potential, conceptual space, chaotic and without form, called the "Ginnungagap", or "Gaping Abyss". This Abyss is far from empty, but the lack of anything resembling the physical realm makes it inhabitable by anything possessing physical form.

Sometimes, however, a Titan Avatar will appear in the Ginnungagap, and around the formation of this Avatar, new parts of the Titanrealm will take form, kingdoms forming, plains, swamps, mountains, palaces, skies, all crystallizing around the Avatar, and linking itself to the realms of the other Titan Avatars. This is what is called the "Titanrealms".

Also existing in the Overworld is the realms of the Gods - Asgard, Olympus, and many others. Due to the ancestral links between Gods and Titans, they tend to be connected to certain Titanrealms. Each Pantheon has their own way of keeping their Titan neighbors at bay. Asgard relies on the medium of Yggdrassil to separate the Realms, while Olympus, towering over Gaia's realm, relies on Zeus' sheer firepower to keep the fearful Titanspawn at bay.

Though each Avatar is unique, certain global concepts allow for some Avatars to connect enough that a certain order settles inside the Titanrealm, where multiple Avatars live in proximity. Reflecting the concepts they represent, parts of the Titanrealm linked to Fire are oppressively hot and dangerous, while those linked to Light are bright and hypnotizing.

Each Titan Avatar embodies a specific concept of the cosmos. Ouranos is the gentle Sky, Abzu the Abyss at the bottom at the sea, and so on.

Major Titanrealms

Minor Titanrealms