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The Titanspawn are the primary agents of the Titans, created from their anima as an extension of their will. Endlessly numerous, they each embody one fragment of reality - a Titanspawn of Surtr could embody the crisp smell of burning coals, a Titanspawn of Abzu could embody the first eye-widening peer into an Abyss - and attempt to extent both their own influence and the one of their creator. Gaining in power through absorbing other Titanspawn or accumulating Fatebindings, even servants of one Titan can forms into warring factions if their concepts are rivals.

Titanspawn are not to be confused with Mythborn. Unlike Mythborn, Titanspawn are fixed in their nature and utterly devoted to their purpose, the same way Titan Avatars are. They do have free will, but their very nature means that many Titanspawn will always side with their creators.

For more information on specific Titanspawn, find them on the pages of the Bestiary.