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Art by Dougdougmann

Tlaloc, also known as Chaac is old, very old. He joined the Teotl around the same time as Coatlicue. As the God of Rain and Clouds, Tlaloc has always had a soft spot for humanity and protecting the little guy, his rain allowing them to survive and their crops to grow. Venerated not only by the Aztecs, but also by their meso-american predecessors, the God of Rain is powerful and traditionnalist and has always required sacrifice for him to fuel his powers and maintain his control over rain.

With goggle eyes and fangs, Tlaloc has a thin body that seems to flow like water. As the provider of the World, Tlaloc was respected and loved by the people of Meso-america and other pantheons such as the Nga Tama a Rangi whom he helped secure the Godrealm of Kahiki after they helped the Aztec defeat Camazotz…Until irrigation and modern agricultural techniques made his influence useless and his role less and less central.

Of course he did not need it…But he cursed the short memory and the lack of gratitude of humans whom he had protected so long. And when one statue of 168 tons in his image was simply removed from its temple to be put in a Museum, Tlaloc snapped. He had to do something so that humans would finally be back on the right track.

He caused massive inondations and drought in many countries in 1964, destroying crops on a very large scale. And when he saw than that was not enough, he asked for help from the other pantheon who laughed at his face. After all, encouraging a cult does not give a God more power, but more Fatebinding… No one wanted to join him in a expedition to "save the world from disarray" as he put it. He created powerful tempests : all hurricanes that year were strong and powerful, causing damage throughout the American Continent… And he did not even realize that he had become a Titan of Amaunet, Sky as Rain.

His wife Chalchiuhtlicue tried to stop him, to throw him into Tartarus… In his rage, he was blind to his own condition and slew his own wife for disrespecting him. However, when it became apparent that his wife was right, he escaped (barely) and started a new, mysterious agenda…

Since his turning into a Titan is quite recent, a few Godborns of Tlaloc remain. They are usually well-intentionned traditionnalists, always trying to make people remember that social conventions exist for a reason and that spirituality should be mandatory. They have a plan for everything, like to give commands, but tend so slow down when it comes to complicated situation.