Created by the Teotl from the 260 shattered pieces of bones of an unknown Primarch after the Second Titanomachy, the Tlamacazqui are a group of Enlightened humans.

Tlamacazqui means "Giver of things" in Nahuatl. In ancient times, they acted as the highest priests of the Aztec religion, using Hematurgy to bring even more Legend to the Teotl, fueling their desire for power. By inventing the most complex and sometimes dreadful rituals, the Tlamacazqui's main responsibility was to make sure that the Gods were given their due in the form of offerings, ceremonies and sacrifices.

Each of them has a shard of divine bone in their bodies that allows them to be enlightened. When they die, the shard disappears and reappears in one of the relatives of the previous wearer, usually their children. Therefore there are only 260 Tlamacazqui at all times, one for each day of the Aztec calendar. Since these shards are not received at birth and do not carry ichor, they cannot transform them into Godborns.

After the fall of the Aztec civilization, the Tlamacazqui disappeared from the spotlight, but not from the world. They travelled and learned, acting as spies for the Teotl, battling secret societies or aiding young Godborns in their adventures. They always remember their sacred duty and try to maintain it in spite of the incompatibility of human sacrifice with the modern world. Their dedication is absolute and they have no fear of death… Why would they as their essence will live as long as blood flows… They are one of the greatest tool of the Teotl, using both Hematurgy and other disciplines at high levels of power (for a human). They are not organized in a hierarchy, but do communicate constantly through their own blood : just as the shards of the Primarch were once one, each Tlamacazqui can communicate with each other as easily as they can breathe.