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Tlazolteotl is the Teotl Goddess of Purification, Steam bath, Midwives, Filth, and a Patroness of Adulterers. She is both the one who purifies sin, and the one that punishes the crimes of lust. She was once a Godborn of Tezcatlipoca, specialized in psychology and helping people finding peace through confession.
She inspires vicious desires to those she meet, but punishes those who indulge themselves in forbidden love. She encourages adultery, but preys on deviant and illegal sexual practices, especially those who do not involve consent…

She enjoys gathering filth, both physical and metaphorical. Tlazoltéotl can actually feed on the sins and confessions of others through Emotional Contagion. She is not "dirty" per say, but does have weird fetishes that even Zeus does not share (like eating excrement). For her, it is a way of getting rid of the old, the used, to make room for the new. She enjoys repairing things, cleaning and allowing new things to thrive. She is quite aggressive sexually and divinely sensual, but she does not enjoy seducing like Aphrodite. She likes sex for its ability to manifest the dirty minds of beings. To her, it is the perfect example of how "destructive" or "amoral" thoughts can be channeled into something truly beautiful.

On a more global scale, Tlazoltéotl is such a unique Goddess that her presence is always seem as disturbing. She is twisted, but truly has good intentions for the World and her fellow Gods. Her empathy and raw sexual beauty has made her accumulate many lovers amongst Gods, mythborns and mortals alike, and she has acquired many secrets through pillow talk. She never judges anyone and accepts everyone as they are, except rapists, which she and her progeny despise above all things… Which is why she refuses to even speak to Zeus and is hostile to the Theoi in general. However, in these times of crisis, people are forced to do things they are not proud of, and sometimes rely on Tlazoltéotl to ease their conscience.

Due to her nature, Tlazoltéotl has had many Godborns (perhaps twice as much as the average God). They are just like their mother, fascinated by things others find disgusting or repulsive, trying to find beauty, taking it on themselves and turning it into gold. From a plumber that knows more about his clients that they realize to a therapist who treats sexual neurosis, they are genuinely kind and try to go to the bottom of the abyss of both the material and psychological to help people get past their filth. Full of raw, carnal beauty and empathetic to a fault, they generally have great and libertarian sex lives. However, they often become the "dumpster" of everybody's problems and can't find room for themselves to grow.

Associated Powers

Light - Illumination
Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Epic Beauty
Light - Brightness
Chwal - Puppeteer
Sky - Calm
Night - Veil

Associated Abilities

First Aid