After escaping from Hades, Gerald Severus, Lyra Dalton, and Aeron Rhod got a call from their fellow Godborn Clara Loganis, informing them of the theft of an artifact called the Antikythera Mechanism, an invention of Archimedes, which had the capacity to determine the moment where Sumer and the World would be the closest, allowing the reactivation of the Axis Mundi of Carthage and bringing back the Primarch Baal.

Travelling to Geneva and investigating the Eternal Vaults where the artifact was held, the Godborns met Miruan Santos, a friend of Clara and Godborn of Ares, and eventually found out the artifact was held at a bunker south of the city. Entering the military-held facility, they realized the creatures and people there were lead by none other than Ellyssa Khaine, their former travelling companion. After a failed attempt to attack the bunker and obtain the Mechanism, the group learned that it was to be moved to Carthage by train.

Planning an attack on the train, they asked their other former companion Rain to meet with them with reinforcments. However, as they set up an ambush in northern Egypt, they discovered that Rain, as well as Khepri, were allied with Ellyssa Khaine, and attempting to bring back Baal.

As they were about to be detained by their former allies, Aeron Rhod was briefly taken over by Apophis, who decimated the Egyptian forces as Gerald and Miruan attacked the train. After a duel, Miruan and Ellyssa both incapacitated each other, while Lyra obtained the Mechanism. The Godborns then fled the scene.

As the group travelled through Algeria, and after Lyra left them for other matters, they encountered a being called himself "John", who revealed that the Mechanism was only stolen because one of the Greek Gods wanted the return of the Primarchs, and argued that no place accessible by the Gods was safe. He proposed that the Axis Mundi to the Realm of the Primarchs, which were destroyed and hidden by The Watcher, were a safe hiding place.

The Godborns travelled to the British Library in London, and absorbed themselves in reading in order to access the Repository of Knowledge, the Otherworld for libraries and the written word. Exchanging the knowledge they accumulated through their travels through the Primarch Realms and Hades, they were able to acquire the location of the Axis Mundi to the realm of Hasamelis, the Primarch of Motion, on Mount Ararat in Turkey.

After they reached the mountain, Aeron Rhod accidentally made a pilgrim attempting to reach divinity believe he was Jehovah, unwittingly starting a new religion.

The group eventually figured out that an ancient Rune kept up a dissimulation spell which could only be turned off by sacrificing ichor. After doing so, the group discovered The Ark, the ancient forgotten flying fortress of Hasamelis.

Exploring the ruin, they realizes that it was in ruins. John reached them, promised to keep the Mechanism safe, and to restore the Ark to functionality.