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The first TOP5 was a list compiled by a group of Godborns of various origins made in 1945 that tried to estimate the relative powers of various Gods. Though the power of beings such as Gods is difficult to measure, the main objective of the TOP5 list was to give young Godborns a quick idea of who does what in the Overworld, and the Gods to consider (or challenge) on any given topic.

The recent TOP5 list was compiled in 1991 after the freeing of the Titans. This list only compiles non-primarch Gods, not Titans or Mythborns. As pantheon leaders have a tendency to appear often, each TOP5 is described with and without leaders. At such levels, it is impossible to actually class each God from one another. They are therefore listed alphabetically.

TOP 5 Military leaders in the Overworld War

TOP 5 Military leaders in the Overworld War (Pantheon Leader Excluded)

TOP 5 Pure physical might

TOP 5 Pure physical might (Pantheon Leader Excluded)

TOP 5 Duelists

TOP 5 Duelists (Pantheon Leader Excluded)

TOP 5 Artistic Gift

TOP 5 Artistic Gift (Pantheon Leader Excluded)

TOP 5 Crafter

TOP 5 Crafter (Pantheon Leader Excluded)

TOP 5 Richest (greatest amount of Orichalcum in the Bank)

TOP 5 Richest (Pantheon Leader Excluded) (greatest amount of Orichalcum in the Bank)

TOP 5 Defense Experts

TOP 5 Defense Experts (Pantheon Leader Excluded)

TOP 5 Information Brokers

TOP 5 Information Brokers (Pantheon Leader Excluded)

TOP 5 Knowledgeable

TOP 5 Knowledgeable (Pantheon Leader Excluded)

TOP 5 Diplomats (the best at making political allies)

TOP 5 Diplomats (Pantheon Leader Excluded)

TOP 5 Power Couples (Politically influential couples)