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Trokan, the King of Bones, was once a Godborn of Hel who turned into one of Grim Reaper's spawn. Embodying the aspect of Inevitability as Hopelessness, he has become the self-proclaimed King of the Land of the Damned in Sheol after the Grim Reaper binding into Tartarus.

Old and knowledgeable despite his obvious brutal approach, Trokan has been alive for more than a millenium. Originally a son of Hel sent by the Goddess to teach the soon-to-be Circle of Merlin not to mess with the Gods, he was a recurrent foe of King Arthur and the Roundtable Knights. Everywhere the fellowship of Enlightened humans went, he made sure to be on their way. Already showing his leaning for torture and painful deaths, several of Arthur's comrades were violently put to death by Dáinsleif - a dwarf-crafted runic sword that cannot be unsheathed without killing the victim. After Arthur's demise, Trokan vanished…until the Black Death in the 14th Century. When he noticed the Grim Reaper was the one who triggered it, he fell in admiration before such innovation to bring Death and pledged his allegiance to her. After what seemed to him like eons having to restrain himself from spilling blood in the ways he envisionned, the Avatar's actions turned him into her zealot servant who eventually became a titanspawn. Spreading the disease by infiltrating into cemetaries and cutting corpses wide open, diving mortals within pools of infected rats and forcing infants to drink infected water, Trokan never lacked imagination to bring death and despair around him. But this state of blessing did not last for long as the Grim Reaper was soon caught by the Gods, torn apart then thrown into Tartarus. Now a full-fledged spawn, Trokan had no choice but to escape the ire of the Gods by hiding within his mistress' realm in Sheol. After only a few years - filled with raging battles and squirmishes - he proclaimed himself King of the Land of the Damned and began to set his rule of terror.

Nowadays, Trokan is an oppressive and tyrannic leader, compensating his lack of subtlety with a sense of cruelty and barbarity no mortal being can fathom as his imagination in murders and tortures is yet to be matched. Ruling the Grim Reaper's realm with an iron fist, Trokan does not compromise and is permanently at odds with his rivals - who sometimes are not aware of this rivalty state - and other (few) remaining Avatars within Sheol. Trokan loves conflicts and thrives to enforce the concept of his mistress in the most gruesome and diverse manners. Indeed, everybody dies in the end, but it does not have to necessarily be in a boring and predictable way. The current state of the Land of the Damned is partly due to Trokan's state of mind. For him, a no man's land is way more inspiring to observe than a prosperous and powerful city because of its inherent ever-changing nature.
Despite the long list of his foes, his main enemy remains Jo'Kung, the Destroyer of Dynasties. Convinced every dead dynasties or communities should not rise from the ashes, the latter sees Trokan's seize of power as a blasphemy and does everything in his power to make Trokan's rule over the Land of the Damned crumble.

Surrounded by rivals created by his own doings, Trokan had soon to secure his position within the realm. In that intent, he made sure not to cut ties with his mother Hel, and rumors tell about an alliance with Mikaboshi and Izanami being in the works, which - if true - would bring Sheol and Nyx at the verge of a full out war…