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Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto or Tsukiyomi is is the Moon God of the Amatsukami and Amaterasu's ex-husband and brother. He was born when Izanagi washed his left eye in the Styx during a cleansing ritual after his travel to Yomi.

One of the rare male moon deities (with Tezcatlipoca), Tsukiyomi takes the form of pale lean japanese man with long black hair. He was once the co-ruler of the pantheon. However, when he was sent to visit Uke Mochi in preparation of a feast for the Gods, the food Goddess welcomed him by facing the land and disgorging from her mouth boiled rice, turning toward the sea and spewing out all kinds of fishes, and turning toward the land and disgorging game. She presented these foods to him, but he was displeased at being offered the Goddess’s vomit and drew his sword and killed her in a moment of anger to save the Amatsukami's honor. Amaterasu, furious, banished him, forbidding the sun and the moon for ever being in the same room again.
Since then, Tsuki-yomi has used the Moon to influence the World in many ways in order to try to earn redemption. By using tides and other lunar cycles, he gives humans rythm. He gives vision and clarity of spirit through Astromancy and is one of the most proficient God in Augury. Tsukuyomi looks for patterns in light and darkness, and tries to guide both kamis and humans to a better tomorrow, especially in Japan.

Since he cannot live with the rest of the Gods in the japanese Godrealm (as Amaterasu will not tolerate his presence), Tsukuyomi has become de facto the messenger of the Amatsukami. Trying to earn back the affection of his wife and sister, he has been very active in the World and in other pantheons, changing life like the moon changes in the sky. Tsukuyomi is a big fan of the butterfly effect. Though he is still a man of taste and will lose his temper when confronted with vulgarity, he is quite the calculator, anticipating shifts of power before they happen. He has been a powerful tool of the pantheon and the grey eminence behind many of Amaterasu's victories (maybe more that she likes to admit). He hopes that, in these tragic times, he will be able to earn his sister's forgiveness : he has been very active recently, creating more Godborns to do his bidding.

Tsukuyomi visits the world often. As an engineer expert in tidal power, a talented butler and tutor for a rich family, an old wise seer in a shinto temple, a pale-skinned ambassador or a life coach, Tsukuyomi and his progeny always change the world in subtle ways, never taking credit and rarely achieving their own dreams, but allowing others to thrive. Their mood changes cyclically, from energetic and bright to sullen and cranky. By using Astromancy and Augury as well as Night Invokation, Tsuki-Yomi's Godborns are perspicatious but inhabited by a discreet melancholy, inherited by the banishment of their father.

Associated Powers

Night - Stars
Night - Moon
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Spiritwalking - Emotional Contagion
Sky - Peace
Chwal - Rider

Associated Abilities

First Aid