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Though the tale of Tsukiyotake is long and old
I will try to tell it better that it has ever been told
In the land of the rising sun, in a forest long ago
Layed a temple, flowing of morning dew and rainbow

People went there since the dawn of time
To heal, to think, to free themselves of crime
The temple was hidden, by peace and illusion
To find its path however was to find salvation

There the sick, the ill and the weak went
Trying to find a way to escape their torment
When found, the temple welcomed them kindly
There awaited a curing spirit of community

The floor of the temple was covered in mushrooms
A strange atmosphere made everything bloom
At the center stood a kami of old, lightly glowing
A smile on his face, his palms with kindness flowing

After a travel that could have asted many moons
The pilgrim could finally lay in the shining runes
Shining spores rose through the air, shimmering
And life overflew, Gaia itself around men spinning

After a day, the pilgrim rose, at peace and happy
An emissary of Life itself as a kind Community
His troubles left behind, he could finally be free
And make the world, a symbol of unity

Lately however the temple has been empty
The small titan was never a kami
The being had chosen to join an army
An army of beast, life and fertility

Always calm, pacifist, empathetic and collected
His strength and wisdom by many respected
Community always triumph over the divided
And the foolish Gods know nothing but hatred

Using powers of runes, life and nature
He could make anyone see the difference
To join Gaia is to learn to love and nurture
To join Gaia is accepting all of one’s essence

A nemean fungi with a heart of gold
A friendly and helpful pacifist of old
He aims to create a world natural community
Where everyone can be fulfilled, happy