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Tū or Tūmatauenga (Māori: 'Tū of the angry face') is the God of War, Hunting, Food Cultivation, Fishing and Cooking. All Maori wars are dedicated to him and he is the most powerful of the Maori God. As leader of the Nga Tama a Rangi, Tu is the closest to humanity and its abilities to conquer nature and subdue it. Strong, fearless, Tu is always looking for a way to prove his worth as the strongest siblings. He invented snares to catch birds, Tane's favorite creature, or nets to catch Tangaroa's fish.

He always appear as a angry-looking warrior, with an aura of nobility and a spark of cleverness (some could say madness) in his eyes. First and foremost, Tumatauenga is a God of Warfare and now more than ever, his strength is needed to fight against the Titans. As human warfare is not as common in New Zealand nowadays, Tu has taken a great interests in sports, particularly rugby. He dedicated the sacred wardance of Hakka to act as a prayer to him, and never misses an All Blacks game.

When in the World, he takes on many appearances involving conflict and domination. As a hot-blooded green-industry magnate, a military leader known for his temper or an angry rugby coach, Tu is always transforming the world, subdueing nature without disrespecting it. His Godborns are just as enclined to make the world a better place for humans. However, they usually inherit their fathers anger and taste for conflict.

Associated Powers

Epic Strength
Epic Presence
Night - Fear
Epic Toughness
Fire - Strife
Sky - Tempest

Associated Abilities