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Art by Fan Ming

The realm of Supay is the underworld Underworld of the Ayllus. It is the place where those who have saddened Viracocha by their conduct go to suffer torment. The others go to Hanan Pacha.

Uku Pacha is a place of torment, to the great pleasure of Supay. In his palace, Supaypa-Huasin, he invents new ways to makes Souls pay for their sins. With the help of many mythborns and titanspawn of Sheol (especially old followers of Nirrti), Supay holds dominion over those souls with one objective : making their unlife so miserable that Viracocha takes pity on them and forgives them for their crimes, allowing them to go to Hanan Pacha. The only exception is the soul of children who reach Happy Death Land and remain in Uku Pacha for ever.

At first sight however, Uku Pacha is both a frightening sight and a promise of a new life. It is an underground cave, looking like a giant catacomb, with the bones covering the walls, floor and ceiling. Close to Patala, Uku Pacha is composed of many tunnels and underground lakes. Currently under the assault of the forces of Camazotz and Crom Cruach, Supay is currently struggling. He is a not a lovable God and he lacks allies. Plus, he suspects other Death Gods (such as Hel or Osiris) to be plotting his downfall… Of course, most think he is just paranoid… But considering what happened to Tech Duinn, who could blame him?