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Ullr (pronounced “ULL-er,” often Anglicized as “Ull,” and also occasionally referred to as “Ullinn”) is the Norse God of Survival. He was once a Godborn of Sif (and therefore a stepson of Thor) who enjoyed nature and pushing himself beyond his limits. He travelled to the harshest place in the universe, from the deepest places of Patala to the hottest deserts of Muspelheim

Travelling the World on his large shield that he uses both as a sled or a boat, Ullr is an excellent archer, hunter, skater, skier and duelist. Tough with a heart of gold, Ullr is a proud warrior, but his war is against himself. He thrives to improve and to test his capabilities. By stretching so far, he became the God of Survival : an expert hunter and tracker, especially in snowy lands. He invented the ski to travel faster and took an interest in fire making or igloo building techniques. Ullr is a ressourceful loner who has always been able to get out of a tough spot.

Ullr has a special place in the Aesir, first and foremost because, out of all the Gods, it is he who rules when Odin goes on errands. Though the All-Father has not left in the recent decades, the honor still remains and few understand this choice. Perhaps, Odin appreciates Ullr's cunning and his ability to thrive, even alone. Perhaps it is because Ullr would never abuse his power in his absence to further his own agendas (like Tyr or Freyr could). Whichever the reason, the God of Survival is a strong God, and more than one titanspawn of Terra has been taken down by his mighty bow after a glorious hunt.

Ullr rarely visits the World (prefering the harsher environment of Otherworlds or even Titanrealms). There is no wall greater to hold him from setting his path and no conditions too dire for him to back out. He has been a ultra-triathlon runner, a big game hunter using only a bow and a knife, a survival coach in Siberia or a sled dog racing expert.
He is always alone and only holds on to a woman if she can keep up his insane pace. Therefore his Godborns are rare. He however takes great care of them, assists them in their growth and pushes them forward… sometimes a bit recklessly (he is an afficionado of the "starting in the deep end" approach to education). Him and his progeny are driven, smart, relentless and athletic. They are humble perfectionists who are curious about the true limits of their divine boons and perks.

Associated Powers

Fey Sorcery - Winter
Runic Druid
World - Stone
Epic Senses
World - Expanse
Depths - Shadows

Associated Abilities