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Urcaguary, Incan God of Metal and Greed was a Wyrdborn who took the form of a snake with the head of a deer.

Associated with gems, gold and wealth, Urcaguary is an underground God who gather riches and distributes it to the audacious and the opportunists. His tail is adorned with chains made of gold and Orichalcum, his horns are made of opal and his eyes are two precious emeralds. When he takes human form, he is always impeccably dressed, wears an absurd amount of jewellery, but always with taste.

Having joined the Ayllus, Urcaguary is now one of the richest beings, with links to El Dorado and a holding in big mining companies thoughout the World. Of all the Inca Gods, Urcaguary is probably the most at ease in the capitalistic modern world. At odds with Osiris, Dis Pater and Hades (who are older and richer than him) as well as the Illuminati, Urcaguary makes the bet of opportunity and luxury to make his treasury grow. He uses his Astromancy to predict shifts in fashion or economy. He has recently stated he was richer than Kubera thanks to his success in the stock exchange, but that fact has yet to be proven.

Urcaguary and his Godborns are the most progressists of the Incas. They truly embrace progress and opportunities, laugh loudly and dress expensively. They are not technocrats, but enjoy creativity for the added value it brings. As finance advisors in the precious stone industry, corporate traders or investment bankers specialized in natural ressources, Urcaguary's Godborn know that the one who controls the riches of the world have the greatest amount of liberty over their own fate (though nothing can truly escape Fate)… Furthermore, it's better to cry in a Ferrari than on a bike…

Associated Powers

Fey Sorcery - Summer
Fire - Life
Water - Healing
Fire - Strife
Fire - Destruction
Fire - Invention
Light - Sun
World - Life
World - Expanse

Associated Abilities