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Utopia is a new Otherworld, which came into form over the XXth Century before coalescing in its last decades. Utopia is the Otherworld of Civilization, of the bustling city, of technology and modernity and the new Myths (and Mythborn) that came with it.

Utopia's break with tradition and its nature is seen as a betrayal for many amongst the Mythborn. The rise of new creatures challenging the established order, and the defection of several prominent Mythborn to the "Utopia Project" have increases these tensions, to the point where the rest of the major Otherworlds are in a state of cold war with Utopia.

Young, but bustling, Utopia owes its continued existence in spite of its detractors to those who founded it: Mythborn Lords Gwyn ap Nudd the Erlking, Werewolf Alpha Barnaby Wulf, and Wereboar King Leopold Paddington. The power of the Garou and the Elves make Utopia well-protected.