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Valhalla is truly a unique place. A mix between a Godrealm and an Underworld, Valhalla is a protected fortress where Odin keeps the Souls of the thousands and thousands of heroes who gloriously died in battle (the others go to Helheim). Brought by Freya and her Valkyries, the souls then train, fight and drink until Ragnarok.

Valhalla can't be reached easily. Odin protects his soldiers with both physical and metaphysical protections. The main gate is in Gladsheim, the hall of the Aesir. Protected by runes and two gigantic runic mechanical golems (a gift from Hephaestus), no one can pass the door without the help of the Valkyrie or being a God themselves.

The second gate is a one way passage from Helheim to Valhalla. A brave and powerful soul can make his way through the dangerous layers of Helheim (all the way to the top) and earn his place in Valhalla, even if he did not die a warrior's death. However, Hel has made sure that only a few souls ever reach the top. More importantly, the more wicked the soul, the deeper into Helheim the starting point so the less likely he will join Valhalla. The challenges are numerous : duels, strategy, eating/drinking contests, crafting, tests of will…

Valhalla itself (literally, "hall of the slain") is a pocket World next to Asgard and the only significant resting place of souls outside of Sheol. A great hall of mythic proportions, Valhalla ressembles Gladsheim. The structure and furniture is designed to handle thousands of fallen warriors and all they can dish out. During the night, food magically appears to satiate everyone, furniture chairs (sometimes shattered during a healthy brawl) are instantly repaired and the music of Bragi fills the air. When morning comes, the Einherjar leave their domain and train to battle in the Plain of Idavoll.