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Art by Kriegerman

Every family has their black sheep. Veles is one of those. Slavic God of Earth, Underground and Trickery, he is Perun's eternal sworn enemy and Keeper of the slavic Underworld of Iriy.

Thin body, long black hair, black eyes and pale skin covered with moving tattoos, Veles has no warrior physic. Master of treachery, lure and sneaky moves, he's always swift to escape the conflicts or tensions he has created and acts mostly as the puppet master.

Always up to some twisted plan, Veles objectives remain however unclear up to this day. One could think he would like to seize power over Perun and take over Bogi Lyudei's leadership, but ruling in plain sight is not in his nature. He is a braintruster, pushing others to act according to his plans. Or maybe all his displayed personnality could also be one of his trick to accomplish an even greater goal. Noone can be sure of where stands Veles.

However, noone was born a vilain. And Veles' story began when he fell in love with his sister Dziewona. But this love was not mutual and no matter how hard Veles tried to seduce her, he faced countless failures. A long time later, Dodola gave birth to the twins Jarilo and Morana. Jealous of his step-brother Perun, Veles stole his son in the craddle and raised him within the borders of Iriy, while Perun and Dodola thought their child dead. But one day Jarilo managed to find a way out of Iriy and met Morana while wandering the Overworld. Both of them fell in love without knowing they were actual twins. This is when Jarilo introduced himself to Perun in order to ask him the hand of his daughter the Thunder God recognised his lost son.
Enraged by Veles deed, Perun started a revenge war upon his brother. As a consequnece, the slavic lands knew thunder storms, floods and diseases for many years in a row. This is only when Jarilo and Morana actually married each other that Perun realized how angry he was at his brother and which lengths he went to in order to punish Veles. Perun decided then to forgive Veles and make peace with him. Crawling out of his hiding spot, Veles welcomed the news with much joy and both were invited to Jarilo and Morana's wedding, as father and foster father. The Bogi Lyudei knew one of its most festive times and the festivities lasted for a decade.

But Veles feelings towards Dziewona were still there and when he learned the Goddess and Jarilo were unofficial lovers, Veles succumbed to jealousy and anger once again. After having warned Morana about her unfaithful husband, he used Dziewona's feelings against her and disguised himself as Jarilo. When Dziewona realized it was Veles' trick, it was already too late: the Goddess was already expecting and later on became the mother of Belobog and Chernobog. When Perun learned his brother used the appearance of his son to trick the beautiful Dziewona, betraying the peace they both agreed on and Perun's trust in the process, he cursed Veles and made him his eternal ennemy and completed Veles' descent into hell.

No need to say Veles is the father of numerous Godborns thanks to his skills. His children are usually highly intelligent, pragmatic, materialist, adepts of chaos. Any means at hands to achieve their goal is acceptable for them. They are mafia gangsters, casino owners, bankers, mining foremen or hitmen.

Associated Powers

Fey Sorcery - Winter
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Depths - Shadows
Night - Moon
Night - Obscurity
Night - Veil
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities

First Aid