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Vidar, God of Vengeance, is one of the youngest of the Aesir and one of the few who is fated to survive Ragnarok, the cataclysmic end of times. This abnormal Fate makes every other Aesir both envious and worried.

Once a Godborn of Odin, he reached Godhood in ancient times, slaying numerous Dragons and making a pair of magic boots from their most powerful scales. He is fated to avenge the death of his father by the maw of Fenrir. With his enchanted boots, it is said he will kick open the wolf's lower jaw and then, holding the beast’s upper jaw open, he will slice Fenrir’s mouth to pieces with his sword, killing the monster and ending his devastating rampage.

This could mean that Vidar is actually the only one interested in Ragnarok : he would be the last God remaining and could create a new pantheon. The fact that he remains most of the time mum during banquets (he is known as the silent God) does not help. However, his exclusion is calculated : his current Fate suits him and by interacting with his brethren too much, he might change his future… And he clearly does not want to join the rest of the Aesir in their doom : their legacy must live on through him.

Being a loner in his pantheon and trying to temper the influence of Fate, Vidar is not a very active God. He tries to act precisely and efficiently, according to his Fate, placing the pawns he needs to organize the continuity of the Aesir's legacy after Ragnarok. He receives a lot of pressure from many Gods to act more directly as he is quite powerful : he is the strongest Aesir besides Thor, the most intelligent besides Odin and the most steadfast besides Tyr. He therefore recently decided to sire Godborns in order to help the cause of the Aesir without changing his Fate.

As battle-hardened vigilantes, tough criminal prosecutors, cutthroat entrepreneurs or hit men for hire, Vidar's progeny are methodical and focused. They speak only when necessary but act with brutal efficiency. They are huge fan of the law of retaliation, which to them trumps all other laws. Other Godborns might find their methods questionable by saying an eye for an eye and everyone becomes blind… However, Vidar's children often respond that they don't actively seek conflict. But if conflict does find you, retaliate hard enough and you keep your second eye for good.

Associated Powers

Fey Sorcery - Winter
Night - Veil
Epic Toughness
Order - Control
Runic Druid
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Epic Strength

Associated Abilities