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Viracocha is the Creator God of the Ayllus and is much older that the rest of the Pantheon.

He is a melancholic, caring and observant deity with a deep love for the World. When the first titanspawns invaded, his mother (whose name was lost in the ages) died to their assault and they ravaged the World. His sorrow was so great that his tears drowned them while the humans took refuge in the Andes. Much later, he met Cochamama, who became his wife and convinced him to try to influence the World once again. He created out of Lake Titikaka the rulers of the Pantheon : Inti, the Sun God and Kilyamama, the Moon Goddess.

As a creator God, he is also the keeper of "academic" knowledge and knows every place, tribe, language and culture there ever was.
Viracocha is a father figure in his pantheon. Noble and knowledgeable, he deeply cares for his people and his pantheon and his power rises to tremendous level when he confront injustice or despair. However, most of the time, he stays an enigmatic and knowledgeable observant, leaving his children do the ruling. He is a Psychopomp and has a prominent role in the management of Souls, deciding their Fate depending on how they influence his creation during their lifetime. To create beauty and harmony means reaching Hanan Pacha, to create corruption and sadness is to seal your fate to the depth of Uku Pacha.

He very often takes human shape, much more often that a God of his power usually does. Taking the form of a sad beggar watching the World go by, or a worn-out scholar with a sense of nostalgy in his eyes, Viracocha did not father many godborn. But when he does, it's usually an attempt to right a terrible injustice. There are no means too great to stop pain… And so his progeny, though often melancholic, is determined to make the World a better place, to stop their father from flooding the World once again. As prosecutors, freedom fighters, architects or philosophers, Viracocha's Godborn know that the end often justifies the means when it comes to end vice and injustice. They however focus too much on avoiding pain rather than finding pleasure, and have a difficulty finding true happiness.

Associated Powers

Night - Stars
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Sky - Calm
Fire - Life
Depths - Abundance

Associated Abilities

First Aid