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God of Preservation, Vishnu is a member of the primordial Trimurti alongside Brahma and Shiva, and the many-times Savior of Humanity. He helped Indra defeat Vrtra, he incarnated as Rama to kill the dreaded Rakshasa King Ravana, he brought knowledge, wisdom, and peace to the World below. In his incarnations, he saved the first humans of India from the Flood, he stopped Hiranyaksha, Titanspawn of Abzu, from absorbing the whole World into its Titanrealm, he defeated the demon kings Hiranyakashipu and Bali, and countless other feats.

Permeating all of Reality, Vishnu is reflected in every being, every breath of air and every pool of water, the energy of life and Preservation which exists in all beings. Vishnu is famous for his many incarnations: when the World is in danger, when Dharma is in imbalance, Vishnu comes to the World and saves it. He has done so at least nine times that were recorded, and many more that were not. This is seen as dangerous by his fellow Gods - missing one of their most powerful Gods for a lifetime - but Vishnu sees it as his sacred duty, and walking among mortals is as natural to him as breathing.

His Godborns are as heroic and selfless as Vishnu himself is. They have soft, big hearts, live to love, and love to live. They vibrate with a boundless passion, optimism and unshakeable faith in their purpose and duty. They have been kind-hearted politicians, inspired artists, or genius inventors.

Associated Powers

Water - Healing
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Tai Yi - Nature
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Fire - Life
Water - Life

Associated Abilities

First Aid