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For the Wyrdborn whom this God was before reaching apotheosis, see Vodaluss Letrommi.

Vodaluss, young and ambitious Dragon-God of Tyranny, is the Wyrdborn son of the Chinese God Houyi and the Dragon Aliavossi. Now having reached Godhood, he has put his powers of control over the Titanspawn of Muspelheim to good use in service of the Council of Babylon. As the Council's liaison both to the Dragons and to Titan Avatar Xiuhtecuhtli, a renowned diplomat and with a ruthless determination suited for merciless scheming, Vodaluss is a burning hot arrow in the Council's quiver. His vision of humans as inferior beings and his devotion to the supremacy of Mythborn has put him at odds with more conciliatory figures such as Oberon, but his service in helping free the Winter Court and the Summer Court of Fairie have allowed him to cement his influence inside the Council. He now endeavours to further the interests of the Council by placing his children in positions of power in the World, in complete and willing disregard for the Concordat of Stonehenge. They have been ambitious politicians, keen military strategists, famous activists and CEOs of major corporations.

Associated Powers

Invokation: Fire - Summoning
Invokation: Fire - Lava
Druidism: Therianthropy - Dragon
Epic Physiology: Epic Toughness
Invokation: Sky - Destruction

Associated Abilities