Vrtra is the embodiment of Heat as Drought and is still locked in Tartarus. Though most Avatars residing in Muspelheim are opposed to Oceanus, none are as brutally dedicated to the destruction and eternal absence of water than Vrtra. The nemesis of the Hindu God Indra who trapped it millenia ago in Tartarus, Vrtra is perpetually thirsty and even other Avatars fear its release, especially his rival, Surtr.

Once a powerful God of the Deva, most agree he is as old as Brahma. Proud of his divine heritage, Vrtra missed no occasion to demonstrate his powers, especially to his human followers. But when a monstrous flood caused by Ouranos's rain destroyed his most precious temple during the First Titanomachy, Vrtra went on a rampage. Burning with a silent fury, he started destroying his ennemies by brutally draining them of all water… Rushing forward, desiccating every being in his path, he distracted the Sky Father long enough for Kronus to ambush the titan and use the Adamantine Sickle on him.

However, to survive the assault of Ouranos's titanic forces, Vrtra had no choice but to embrace his thirst, becoming an titan avatar of Fire as Drought. After the war was won, Vrtra had joined the side of the Titans and started draining all the rivers of the world, killing their nymphs and transforming them into his servants by binding them to his 99 fortresses in the Overworld. He then directed his infinite thirst toward Oceanus itself… It was only through the intervention of Indra that he was able to be defeated and thrown into Tartarus.

Vrtra is old and cunning and his forces are numerous and organized. Recruiting and training both the most martially gifted Asura and creating many titanspawns, Vrtra's presence can still be felt in the depth of Muspelheim. He represents a more pernicious aspect of Fire, one that takes its time to triumph over its opponents. In fact, some say that he anticipated global warming, and that the constant rising temperature at the surface of the World might be the push he needs to escape his prison.