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In 1993, the Gods of the Underworld noticed that for some years, Souls had been getting lost, not finding their way to the Underworld. That had always happened, but the numbers were increasing in dramatic amounts. In the midst of the war with the Titans, the Gods assembled a group of experienced Godborns to investigate. Godborn Erizawa Daisuke, Sun Yat-Sen, and Valeska Gert were set on a path to discover the source of the phenomenon.
Starting in an Italian village south of Naples, the Godborn discovered that a group of Necromancers had been performing rituals to infuse Souls into individuals. After dispatching them, the Godborn discovered that they had a contact to a greater organisation. Meeting with an intermediary, they learned the name "Helfried" before the intermediary burst into black flame. Following the name to Berlin, the Godborn discovered in the Archives that two factions - one of Necromancers led by a Frank Helfried known as the Soulweavers, and an unknown group known as the Cabal, had been battling for decades over Europe. Following a deceased researcher's notes, the Godborn looked for the Cabal in the sewers beneath Berlin. After Erizawa contacted his mother Izanami for aid, they entered the Otherworld known as The Endless Sewer, in which the Cabal was hiding. Encountering the secret organisation, they learned that they aimed to protect humanity from both Gods and Titans, and fighting the Soulweavers for their interferences with the human Soul. Giving the Godborn the location of a Soulweaver fortress, they agreed to help them indirectly.

The Godborn made their way into the fortress, discovering crystals seemingly able to hold a great number of Souls. Discovered by the Necromancers, Sun Yat-Sen managed to bluff them into thinking they were allies, and learned that they intended to perform a Ritual infusing enormous amounts of Souls into a person.

Turning on the necromancers and killing their leaders, the Godborn attacked the fortress. In the confusion, most necromancers escaped, alongside the soul crystals. Nevertheless, they learned that these necromancers were not at the source of the phenomenon, and that Helfried was investigating a place called Rosmus in Sweden.

Travelling there, the Godborn learned that a group of silver-cloaked monks were protecting a temple to Heimdall. At the temple, they found a massacre, discovering that an item had been kept there, but had been taken from the temple a long time before the attack. Following clues to a second temple at Hamrar in Turkey, they found it occupied by a necromancer named Avarick. After a discussion with him, they learn that he served a powerful necromancer named Zeqis the Reanimator.

Temporarily allying themselves with Avarick, they learned from him the location of Helfried's activities over a dozen physical locations, and that the phenomenon started about 20 years ago. Using them in combinations with the two locations of temples they already had, they discovered that the temple locations formed a hexagram. Travelling to the approximate location of a temple in Russia, they were approached by one of the guardians. This Guardian revealed that Zeqis and Helfried were both disciples of a powerful necromancer named Azumek the Putrid, who was defeated by Heimdall and Hades over a century ago.

After desciphering a coded message left by the Silver Circle in the Hamrar temple, the Godborn learned that a sigil of Kronus was being used to control whatever the artifact the Silver Circle protected was. Using fake information about the message to obtain an audience with Zeqis herself, they learned that the Phenomenon had started after the events surrounding the disappearance of the Celtic Gods in 1973 (see Rage of Baal - Spoilers !). Also learning that Helfried was likely using an Otherworld to pursue the Silver Circle and evade Zeqis, Valeska identified the Otherworld he was using as being Davy Jones' Locker, an Otherworld associated with both the sea and Death, allowing necromancers to pass through it to travel to any part of the World.

In order to enter the Otherworld, the Godborn travelled to Haiti through Holiday, another Otherworld, in order to steal the Anchor of Christopher Colombus' ship, the Santa Maria. Since the ship had passed through Davy Jones' Locker during its sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, they convinced the Anchor's kami to guide them to the Locker and back from it, in exchange for Valeska promising to continue the kami's dream of sailing the sea in a legendary vessel by making it her ship's anchor.

Intentionally weighing themselves and falling in the sea, the Demigods emerged, coughing and exhausted, in Davy Jones' Locker, only to discover it was patrolled by ships filled with Helfried's servants.

Infiltrating one of the ships, the Godborn learned that Davy Jones himself was held in the center of their fleet, and that Helfried had allied with the forces of Charybdis, a Titan of Water, to take over Davy Jones' locker. The Godborn used their abilities to cause confusion and strife between the Titanspawn and the Necromancers, sinking ships and wreaking havoc, culminating in causing a battle in the central ship as a distraction while Valeska released Davy Jones after dispatching his guards. Escaping in a ship summoned by the fabled captain, they escaped and reached the Flying Dutchman, ready to take the fight to Helfried dead-on.

Calling forth an ancient greek ship and its ghostly crew from the depths, Valeska used her Water powers to dissimulate the ship underwater. Charging Helfried's capital ship, they sheared through it from the bottom up, ripping it in half and assaulting the ship as the Flying Dutchman began its bombardment from the side.

While Valeska and Erizawa were fighting the lich at the ship's helm, Sun Yat-Sen was rummaging through the ship for information. He discovered that the artifact they were looking for was the Grim Reaper's Scythe. But they also discovered that the Grim Reaper was originally the Primarch Ereshkigal, consort of Nergal, and a powerful psychopomp. As such, they assumed that Nergal and the Scythe were responsible for the Phenomenon.

Defeating Helfried (though only his physical body was destroyed) and laying a trap for him where he would face Zeqis' forces, the Godborn escaped Davy Jones' Locker and worked to discover where the Scythe had been hidden by the Order of the Silver Circle.

In an attempt to find the source of the Phenomenon, Valeska performed a dangerous ritual which allowed her to have her Soul pulled to a city in Iraq. Erizawa, sensing an anomaly in the local geology, dug a hole straight down. They discovered Nergal's ancient temple, the Axis Mundi to Irkalla, broken and disused. They learned that the Scythe could also be used to open the way for the ancient Primarch's return to the World. They made a deal with the Primarch by contacting him through the Axis Mundi's ancient kami, existing in both Worlds at once: they would give him the Scythe in exchange for his help against the Titans and naming the Godborn as his Heralds to the other Pantheons.

Tracking the Silver Circle from a temple location in Russia, they discovered that the Scythe had been spirited away to the Impenetrable Citadel, an Otherworld guarded by Heimdall's forces. Unable to gain entrance to inside the Citadel, they decided to let Zeqis attack the Citadel and use the distraction to steal the Scythe.

To enter into the Citadel, Sun Yat-Sen obtained passage through a linked Otherworld, the Greater Wall, thanks to its guardian being his father, Guan Yu.

Entering the Impenetrable Citadel through the Greater Wall, the Godborn navigated through walls, locked doors, traps, and guards, using Zeqis' distraction to quickly penetrate the center of the Citadel. Inexplicably finding the vault door unlocked, they took the Scythe while its guards were busy with the necromancer attack. Chased by Heimdall's forces, they finally managed to escape the Otherworld and made a dash for Nergal's temple. Opening the Axis Mundi once again, they entered the forgotten Irkalla, met Nergal, but also learned that the vault to the Scythe had been opened by another Primarch, Hasamelis, who had been masquerading for millenia as the Celtic God Manannán mac Lir, which made Valeska the Godborn of a Primarch.

With two Primarchs united once again after millenia, Valeska and Sun decided to gain allies to the cause of the Primarchs, while Erizawa, seeing that the Primarchs did not share his view of the World, left to pursue his own agenda.