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Art by razwit

Like any Mythborns, werebears are protectors of the wilderness and the World, and they often associate closely with anyone with the same inclination, either god (like Tane Mahuta or Dian Cécht), titans (like the Green Man) or Enlightened. They are solitary most of the time, but unlike most Garous, enjoy mingling with humans in order to guide them. Indeed, most Werebears are benign, civil and can be considered very wise. In ancient times, bear cults were extremely common and Werebear shamans were celebrated by old tribes in both slavic countries, northern japan and North America, but were slowly driven out by the Gods and their offspring. Although they enjoy solitude like their spirit animal, they always want others to benefit from their wisdom and strength, even humans. Werebears sometimes form small, ever-changing family units in order to mate.

Though naturally peaceful giants, some werebears can become angry and violent due to continuous abuse and remind everyone how the bear is the largest land carnivore on earth. They are always strong and powerful, but can also be potent adepts of Druidism, Astromancy and even Spiritwalkers.

Notable Werebears