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For the Godborn whom this God was before reaching apotheosis, see Lin Wang

The Godborn known as Lin Wang reached apotheosis in 1973 after the B.E.A.R discovered a powerful Primarch artifact.

During his adventures, the being who will become Whakaaio honored his mother Hine-nui-te-po and his pantheon through many acts of loyalty. Moving through the shadows and unleashing devastating attacks on unsuspecting foes, Whakaaio represents the dark side of the moon, bringing a form of tranquility to those who threaten his pantheon.

He wields Tuamatangi (Last breath before death), a sword of a metal so pure it is almost transparent, as if made of solidified wind. It was forged by the Lady of the Lake herself from the magic fish-hook of Maui as an olive branch toward the Furious City. Whakaaio has yet to master this powerful weapon.

Whakaaio is an assassin who considers that loyalty is weapon as sharp as any blade. He has developped a personal rivalry with Alexis Dupuis but has yet to eliminate the Illuminati. By moving through dreams or under the moon's eye, the young God has received the tattoo of the Broken Horizon, allowing him to reach Kahiki. He is now the God of Peaceful Death, Discipline and Filial Duty.

This character is from the Legends timeline