After forming the Council of Babylon, the Godborns left for Irkalla in the hopes of finding Oberon. While in Irkalla, Ojutai left in order to attempt to contact Baal, as a portal to his realm existed in Irkalla. Confident that he might be able to return to Irkalla, he crossed over to Sumer - only to find that he was mistaken, and stuck.
Meanwhile, the rest of the Demigods entered Tech Duinn through Irkalla, and found themselves in an Underworld beset by war between the Lords of Tech Duinn, Anubis' forces, and the Resistance forces still loyal to The Morrigan. Not wanting to get caught in the quagmire, they sneaked their way around the Underworld, and learned that Oberon had left to stop an attack by the Titanspawn of Crom Cruach. Following his trail, they encountered a prison, from which they freed Oberon's bodyguards, Adalfrid, son of the Lady of the Lake and prince of Avalon, and Elthuan, Duke of Autumn. Together, they found Oberon, who had been channeling a spell for twenty years stopping the strongest of the Titanspawn from entering Tech Duinn.

To put an end to the stalemate, they recruited from all sides they could, including Uefh and his ogres and the ghosts of past Celtic Godborns, and brought the fight to Crom Cruach. After a great battle, they killed the leader of the Titanspawn, freed Oberon, and found their way out of the Underworld, again through Irkalla.

After returning to the World, and agreeing to joining the Council of Babylon, Oberon left for the Winter Court to extinguish Nott's influence.

Meanwhile, Ojutai had been learning from the Primarch Baal the art of Runic Tattoos. Desperate to go join back with the World, he undertook an extreme blood-magic ritual, in which he used the Fatebinding between the Scythe and the arm he held it in to find his way back to Irkalla - at the cost of his arm. Now one-armed and infused with tattoos containing the Souls of his ancient Vietnamese generals, he met back with the group.

Together, and joined with Adalfrid, they headed towards the Summer Court of Fairie, which had fallen out of contact. Upon arrival, they are surprised to learn the denizens all feared any form of travel. Titania was gone, so was the Lady of the Lake, and upon attempting to travel to new areas of the Summer Court, despite being accompanied by Adalfrid, they fell upon strange creatures, diseases, and got hopelessly lost.

It took them some time, but after their wanders took them to a vast untamed wilderness that Adalfrid did not recognize, they saw overhead a great form: Kur, Titan of Terra and the Primordial Dragon, had somehow come to Fairie.

Travelling through the Summer Court, they encountered a group of Norse soldiers claiming to be working for the Aesir God Tyr. They learned that Tyr had attacked the Summer Court kingdom of El Dorado in search of a magical artifact, the Hand of Midas, imbued with the power of Dis Pater, but had become stuck due to Kur's arrival. Thinking that Tyr might be aware of where to find Titania, they travelled to El Dorado and met with the God, despite the wild influence of Kur.

However, Tyr, upon learning the young Gods intended to work with Titania, decided they would serve him better as hostages, and captured them all except Valeska, who managed to slither away while Adalfrid distracted the great God. Escaping the city, she found herself in the wilderness of El Dorado, where she followed golden eyes in the trees and encountered a group of Titanspawn working for The Green Man, protector of Nature, who had also intended to invade Fairie but been foiled by Kur's attack.

The Green Man's Titanspawn were looking for the King of El Dorado, who was being held alongside Valeska's companions by Tyr. Valeska offered to be bait for Tyr while the Titanspawn broke into the prison. The prison break was successful, but Valeska's distraction went badly - Tyr impaled her on his spear, leaving her for dead in the water below.

Valeska drifted off, between realms and between life and death, eventually finding her way to the Dark Forest and Molvanna's abode, who managed to keep her from death by binding her to her own creator, the Grim Reaper. Valeska then shambled to Irkalla to attempt to protect herself from that powerful Fatebinding with the Grim Reaper, and Hasamelis and Nergal gave her a choice of where to channel that power to keep her from becoming a Titanspawn. She could take Hasamelis' way and become The Traveller, or choose Nergal's and become The Guide. She opted for Hasamelis', her father, and was bound to his power, being gifted with the power of Astral Travel. Before she had time to relish her new powers, however, she disappeared - finding herself laying down at the feet of Ryan Adams, back in the Summer Court.

Now back together, the young Gods left off to find Titania to get her to ally with The Green Man and free the prisoners that moved from Tyr's dominion to The Green Man's. They travelled to Alfheim, meeting with Gwyn ap Nudd hoping he might know where the Fairie Queen was, to no avail.

However, they used their powers alongside those of the local Elven sorcerers and Gwyn's link to Titania. Surprisingly, they managed to pinpoint the Fairie Queen's location, and followed it to a windblasted plain lost in Fairie, where they found Titania, seemingly stuck in place by Kur's influence. They managed to bypass that influence and bring Titania towards Alfheim, to plan their next move. The ability of the young Gods to resist Kur's influence allowed them to move through the Summer Court, and as such they led an army of Elves towards El Dorado, in order to defeat the Summer Court's enemies while Kur's influence was still active. This would allow them to destroy those enemies without them having the ability to escape or access outside powers. Meanwhile, Titania would face Kur to distract him from the armies marching towards El Dorado.

They first laid siege to the city of El Dorado itself, and fought Tyr straight on. The power of the Hand of Midas laid waste to the forces of the Elves, but Tyr's isolation and the weakening of his forces by Kur's invasion allowed his opponents to prevail. At the last second, Tyr used the power of the Hand of Midas to turn himself into gold, denying his enemies a hostage to interrogate.

Then, the armies of the Summer Court moved towards The Green Man's enclave. Pretending to be still working towards bringing Titania there, they freed the hostages and attacked the Titanspawn. Their lack of link to their patron Avatar meant their power was limited, and victory was achieved and the Titanspawn wiped out. However the army of the elves was weakened after those engagements.

Reunited with Titania, the young Gods left behind Gwyn ap Nudd's battered army on the advice of Titania. They traveled quickly and fought the anchor keeping Kur's influence in the Summer Court. After a surprisingly easy fight, they defeated the anchor, and finally had freed the Summer Court from all its enemies. The Summer Court would always be tainted by Kur's wildness, but Titania accepted to join the Council of Babylon, bringing it to a full alliance of Fairie and the Dark Forest.