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Art by DougDougmann

Xipe Totec ("Our Lord the Flayed One") is a Life-Death-Rebirth deity, God of Agriculture, Vegetation, the East, Disease, Spring, Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Liberation and the Seasons. He is the Cardinal Lord of the East in the Teotl and is therefore just as powerful as Tezcatlipoca. However, Xipe Totec's power over renewal is much more discreet and versatile.

He flayed himself to make maize seed lose their outer layer before germination. His flesh is golden, dripping with ichor, but he always covers it with the skin of sacrificial victims killed in his honor. Quite a big user of Hematurgy, especially Flesh-shaping, Xipe Totec is a weirdo. He makes people uncomfortable as he touches your skin to test its oiliness or compliments you on the cleanliness of your toe nails - all the while his borrowed skin is not always a perfect match for his face, making his expressions distorted.

As the God of the Maize, Xipe Totec is also a divinity close to Agriculture and Rebirth. His followers usually wore flayed skin of human sacrifices for 20 days to pray for rebirth of nature in spring. He is the one that beats death by bringing new life to the world, using both illness and health to regulate the world as he sees fit. He is also the patron of craftsmen as he brings the metals from the earth an gives them a new life as weapons or jewelry. He is not as prolific or inventive of a craftsmen as Hephaestus, but his creations are made with such simplicity and true love for the raw material that they have just as much potency and charm. With the liberation of the titans, Xipe Totec finds himself crafting more and more magical items for the Gods. He much prefers using his Hematurgy skills on flayed skins to learn more about humans, as once he wears it, he learns everything the wearer ever known. While remaining a loner at heart, Xipe Totec remains a powerful ally of the Teotl, and a stabilizing influence to the rivalry between Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl, or the hot-headedness of Huitzilopochtli.

When he visits the World, Xipe Totec takes the form of a weird farmer obsessed with stuffed animals, an actor with a thing for make-up, a surgeon specialized in skin transplants. He had only a few Godborns over the years, but he has a unique way of making them. He instructs his followers to sacrifice a victim, remove its heart, flay them with extreme caution, and then put the skin on a willing mortal through a powerful Hematurgy ritual. The recipient fuses with the skin, mixing both his old appearance, the new and Xipe Totec's Legend into a full fledged Godborn. The new being has a confused memory and personality, and the god of the Maize's progeny are usually on a quest to find who they are. Their powers over life, death and blood are fearsome to behold, and their ability to change their body language with ease makes them excellent spies for the pantheon.

Associated Powers

Night - Obscurity
Chwal - Puppeteer
Night - Darkness
Epic Senses
Depths - Shadows
Depths - Decay
Night - Veil
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding

Associated Abilities