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Xiuhtecuhtli is the Turquoise Lord of Fire. Once a happy God in the Teotl, Xiuhtecuhtli was not reasonable.

Powerful and caring, he spent a great deal of time in the World, teaching humans how to use fire effectively to improve life. With a turquoise body and a crest of phoenix feathers on his head, Xiuhtecuhtli often joined young aztec warriors, enjoying the fire of their youth. Despite the warnings of his fellow Gods, the God of Fire spent a lot of time on earth and in various Godrealms. Life was too good to be stuck in one place with old Gods and their intrigue. Huitzilopochtli, though understanding thanks to Xiuhtecuhtli's role in helping against Itztlacoliuhqui, finally forbid him to leave the Aztec Godrealm, Xiuhtecuhtli was pissed. What was the point of having an immortal life if you could not enjoy it fully ? After a few decades of patience, he transformed into his spirit form of Xiuhcoatl (or fire serpent) to try to trick his bretheren and escape to the World (even though going explicitly against Huitzilopochtli's orders would make him a renegade).

He could not fool Tezcatlipoca that saw his true face with his Smoking Mirror. The Jaguar God saw an opportunity… Sacrificing the God of Fire before he became a Titan would make him the dominant God of the Teotl. He found an ally (whose identity is still a mystery to this day) and both Gods tried to catch the Turquoise Serpent. The youthful and naive Xiuhtecuhtli proved to be a more powerful adversary than expected however, clinging to his freedom with burning passion. The battle over the Andes shook the earth… And killed thousands of humans.
The two agressors retreated when a quick victory no longer appeared to be an option. Xiuhtecuhtli however stayed and used his powerful fire powers to bring back to life every innocent bystander of the battle by using the Legend dripping from their unexpected sacrifice to summon a ritual of Life through Fire. Unfortunately, his already existing Fatebindings were too important and this ritual completed his turning, making him a full-fledged Avatar and bringing with him the very humans he was intending to save who had become the first of Ifrit race.

Xiuhtecuhtli withdrew to Muspelheim, in the God Enclave of Blaze Island. When the Teotl decided on a punitive action, they realized that the Turquoise Fire Lord had accumulated many allies. Titania, Helios, Aphrodite, Mahuika, Freya, The Dagda and even Brahma vouched for Xiuhtecuhtli. The Teotl were baffled and decided to withdraw their action. Xiuhtecuhtli smiled happily and opened the doors of Blaze Island and its Ifrit, allowing trade of the rich minerals of Muspelheim to everyone ever since.

As the Avatar of Fire as Life, Xiuhtecuhtli is a Titan on the side of the Gods. He encourages everyone to stay vibrant, young and enjoy life to the fullest. Despite being the weakest avatar of Muspelheim, he still remains more powerful than most Gods and is not to be trifled with.