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Empress of the Celestial Bureaucracy, Xiwangmu is Shangdi's wife-daughter and is dubbed Queen Mother of the West. She is also in charge of the Golden Orchard since Idun's turning.

White skin, sad black eyes and dark hair, Xiwangmu is a benevolent Goddess, whose role in the Bureaucracy, aside from keeping the Orchard, is to provide caring and protection for infants and women, wether they are human or Gods.

Protective and caring, Xiwangmu may be seen as a candid deity, which is not quite the case. She is trustful. In her mind, trust comes from someone's first step and she always makes a point to be the one to make this first step. She is the friendliest and less pragmatic deity of the Bureaucracy and when wandering the hallways of Tiàn, she always insit to have news of every being she crosses.

All this display of kindness would make her a loose warden for the Orchard, but she was chosen from an assembly of Gods from all pantheons for her special ability of detecting someone's true intentions through the Wyrd. This is why she gave an elixir of immortality to Houyi and let Sun Wukong steal one of her peaches. But beware of the intruder with bad intentions: a few legendary beings entered the Orchard and never came back. Nobody actually knows what happens when Xiwangmu punishes an intruder, as she is a very discrete woman.

Her Godborn are also kind-hearted and not driven by any particular kind of passion. They are friendly and always try to respect others. Like their mother, they almost always inherit her gift to detect an individual's true intentions. Wether they feel it through instinct or raw knowledge, they are always able to tell. They are calm but are also usually able to be masterminds and use manipulation in order to take issue on someone who betrayed their trust. They can be found in almost every field of work throughout the World.

Associated Powers

Sky - Calm
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Depths - Abundance
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Nature

Associated Abilities

First Aid