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Art by Brolo

The twin brother of Quetzalcoatl and son of Xochiquetzal and Mixcoatl, Xolotl is the Teotl God of Dogs, Lightning and Death. As the psychopomp of the Aztecs, Xolotl brings souls to Mictlan, for them to be judged by Miclántecuhtli.

"Normal" souls have to go through many trials to meet their final resting place, and Xolotl tries to help those who had an honorable life through the struggles of the Underworld by using lightning on the many foes they have to face. He also likes to take the form of a monstrous dog who guards the weak and the worthy with pride and dedication. He even helped his brother in the theft of the Primarch bones who were the base for the creation of the Tlamacazqui.

Despite being a generally benevolent god, Xolotl is still a symbol of death. With a knife in his teeth and lightning sparkling from his staff, the Dog God is fierce and powerful. He uses Therianthropy to take the form most fit for the job. He even created the axolotl, a creature like no other, just to test the limits of his powers. He encouraged animal sacrifice as much as human, especially dogs, in order for them to accompany their masters through their journey in the Underworld and rest by their side for eternity.

Xolotl is a dark guardian who helps those in need with the dedication of the dog and the efficiency of lightning. He is one of the most trustworthy Gods and his word is his bond. The Lightning Dog God is one of the only Gods allowed by Hades to personally help him guard Tartarus. He took the recent escape of some Titans very personally and he is now using everything in his power to fix it, forming alliances with others similarly inclined to transcend pantheon divisions and protect the little guy. Joining Heimdall, Ganesha, Sarutahiko or even Set, he tries to keep the World safe and correct from what he considers is his failure… And jail back the monstrosities. He is a particularly fierce enemy of Huracan. The Avatar of Amaunet uses lightning for evil, indiscriminately, destroying everything in his path and needs to be stopped.

When he visits the World, he always takes the form of a guardian. Whether a jailer, a policemen, a bodyguard or a dog trainer, Xolotl is always dark, determined and accompanied by dogs. His progeny is just as inclined to focus on the true goal of the Gods : protecting the world from Titans. They are not warm or spontaneous. They are not talkative, or particularly playful in their affection or tasks. What they are is loyal, trustworthy, honorable and dependable. Others may come and go with the ups and downs of life, but the Godborns of the Lightning Dog God stay by their friends’ sides and to their task no matter what, with a deepness of commitment that others may not even believe is possible.

Associated Powers

Sky - Destruction
Death - Destruction
Night - Terror
Death - Horror
Chwal - Puppeteer
Epic Strength
Epic Toughness

Associated Abilities