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Art by HadesPixels

As one of Kur's spawns, Ya-Te-Veo represents the Dangers of Travels. As the mere concept of travel is the antithesis of Kur's very nature, the Titan of Lands placed peons of his own to dissuade any attempt to scout Terra. After all, nobody knows if an immortal being could one day explore an infinite landscape…

Not willing to bet his chances, Kur created Ya-Te-Veo to embody the random menace that comes to any adventurer. Ya-Te-Veo is a carnivorous humanoid tree. He is sneaky and deadly patient. His strikes are as random as they are merciless and he always ensures at least one of his victims is left alive enough to spread his existence out of Terra. With the titanrealm of Earth already crawling under unbelievably lethal creatures, Ya-Te-Veo's very existence comes on top to end the perfect machinery that makes Terra one of the most dangerous and unexplorable titanrealms.