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Yam is a major Titan of Oceanus, a fierce enemy of the Gods and the Avatar of Water as the Raging Sea, eternally fighting Sedna for dominion over Oceanus.

Yam is old. Older than most Titans. And more savage than most beings. As the Titan Avatar of the Raging Sea, Yam has only one goal and purpose : engulfing the World in high tides and waves of destruction. The sea should be a place of perpetual mayhem, with no respite, especially for humans.

During the Second Titanomachy, he was one of the major Titans that did not follow Kronus' leadership. Some say that if he did, it could have changed the course of the war. Instead, he waged war on his own against Gods and Titans alike, creating massive floods and tidal waves all around the World and the Overworld. When he tried to defeat Kagutsuchi in a mighty battle of lava and water that created Iceland, he was ambushed by Manannán mac Lir, Poseidon and Susano-o to take him down and banish him, broken and weakened, to Oceanus.

Taking the form of a part-flesh part-water sea monster, the now-recovered Yam finds the modern era absolutely enraging. The World has completely dominated the sea, using it for freight transport and even leisure. Sedna, her opponent, has worked well in his relative absence. Even too well as humans are now destroying the sea, polluting and over-exploiting it. Furious at the Gods, Yam has allied himself with many other similarly inclined beings and Titans in order to bring chaos and destruction to the World. He has found a great ally in Huracan, and both Titans are joining forces in order to push back Sedna's forces. Some say however that Yam could be plotting absorbing the Aztec Avatar of the Storm…

Yam is fierce and independent, his titanspawns, such as Lotan or Charybdis, are few but extremely powerful. Yam has also started to extend his influence to many eco-terrorist and pirate groups around the world in order to make the sea a dangerous place again. Diplomacy is almost never an option with Yam's forces. You are either with them, and you dedicate everything that you are into making the sea an untamable place, or you are to be obliterated.