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Art by Chenzan

Chinese Overseer of the Dead, Yanluo is the keeper of Di Yu. Son of lost deities of the Bureaucracy, Yanluo was given the responsibility of judging the Souls.

Tall and glowing of a deadly greenish light, Yanluo doesn't usually look like a pleasant figure. He designed his looks to instill apprehension and fear in the mind of the Souls entering Di Yu and make them vulnerable while he uses his Wyrdseeing skills to examine the Souls' lives
But Yanluo did not choose his position and, when stepping for the first time in Di Yu, he wanted to help those poor Souls. But it was forbidden by the Bureaucracy's Law.

Di Yu is a terrifying place where souls must first receive their retribution for their crimes before being reincarnated. And Yanluo manages all this pain, suffering, yells, cries and begging. His responsibilities command him to make no exception and apply the rules evenly for everyone. But Yanluo cannot ignore his feelings forever and sometimes, when he judges a Soul worthy, he forgives it and allows it to be reincarnated without suffer its punishements. Sometimes without having to drink the Lethe's waters from Meng Po. When the Bureaucracy hears about these actions, they are tempted to bannish Yanluo, but unfortunately nobody else is willing to step a toe within Di Yu to replace him… But Yanluo tries to remain careful not to poke Shangdi or Guan Yu too much, as he knows the day he starts being more trouble than he is worth to them, it will be his turn to be thrown into the 18 chambers maze.

Recently - in the eyes of the Gods - a group of enlightened humans, aware of the nightmare Souls live in Di Yu, tried to remove themselves from the cycle of reincarnation without permission of the Gods. Most of them are now members of the Order of the Jade Fist and Yanluo secretly feels nothing but respect for those brave humans. Since he understands the wish they have to escape the hell of Di Yu, he usually shows some relative kindess when it comes to punish the Souls of those adepts of The Middle Way who still ended up in the Underworld.

His Godborn, like him, are frustrated people. They always feel friction between their duty and their feelings when it comes to do something against their frame of principles. The Greater Good is not their priority and the consequences of their actions on their psyche and Self preoccupy them much more. They usually try to compromise without antagonizing their superiors, without always succeeding. But their skills usually compensate for their insubordination. They can be found in various of ethicly edgy jobs, such as executioners, viral geneticists, physicians or even soldiers.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Puppeteer
Light - Illumination
Spiritwalking - Necromancy
Death - Destruction
Night - Void
Depths - Decay
Night - Moon

Associated Abilities