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Supreme authority, the Yellow Emperor is the overseer of the Celestial Bureaucracy. Whatever he decides, the Jade Emperor executes. He is said to have brought civilization upon mankind.
There had always been only one Yellow Emperor since the Bureaucracy's creation: Shangdi. His word is the ultimate command a member of the Bureaucracy can receive.

The Yellow Emperor rarely leaves the Tiàn. For something to draw him out, it must be of the higher kind of importance. For anything dealing with Divine Geopolitics, he usually sends the Jade Emperor to deal with it. The Jade Emperor is free to send someone else to represent him if he estimates the task is not worthy of his time. The Yellow Emperor does not mind as long as the information comes back to him unaltered.

He is the protector of the bureaucratic system and as such bears the responsibility of ensuring each and everyone of its members' safety, including humans and mythborns alike. Where the Jade Emperor's word is a Law, the Yellow Emperor's is a divine command. Both are not negotiable. If the Yellow Emperor estimates the Jade Emperor incompetent, he can decide to strip him from his title and responsibilities and attribute them to someone else.