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African Goddess of Fertility and Women, Yemoja is Aganju's wife and mother (or grandmother) of almost all of the Orisha.

Protector of women, especially pregnant ones, Yemoja is a caring and nurturing Goddess. She always despised her pantheon's behaviour and demonstrated her rebel mind at every opportunity she had. During her forty centuries of existence, she has had more arguments with Olorun than the number of stars within Nut's realm.

Very concerned about her children safety, she was strongly disagreeing with her great-uncle rules and did her best to appease the Orisha's relations with the rest of the Overworld. She was their diplomatic solution…which they never felt the use of. She was alone and every single other Orisha constantly went behind her back, just for the sake of feeling the thrill of battle. But her mother instincts prevented her from letting down on her task, therefore she was relentless in educating the Orishas into more peaceful ways.

After the Second Titanomachy and the lost war against the Neter, the loss of two of her dear children - along with countless godborns - finished to throw her into a deep grief. But it didn't last long and with the emergence of new ideas setting ground for what would soon become the Lwa generation, Yemoja finally received her long overdue reward.

Nowadays, Yemoja is busier than ever. With the Third Titanomachy on its tracks, she uses her diplomatic skills in order to establish divine network of alliances to protect her own.

The same way as their mother, Yemoja's godborns are genuinely caring and work for the interest of all rather than their own's. Gifted with highly diplomatic skills, they use them to build relations and alliances through friendships. The closest ones to their mother have a true repulsion about the mere idea of using any kind of weapon, even to defend themselves. They would rather sacrifice themselves to save others than kill or cripple anyone. They are ambassadors, UN field agents, police negotiators or nurses.

Associated Powers

Depths - Abundance
World - Life
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Sky - Peace
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow
Green Druid
Spiritwalking - Shamanism

Associated Abilities

First Aid