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For the Godborn whom this God was before reaching apotheosis, see Carl Zerris.

Back when he was human, Zerris could never live up to the expectations of his Celtic brethren in terms of Geas. Being the best one could be out of sheer will and - usually - pure physical strength was not in the cards for young Carl. He found himself an alternative: technology. His efforts were rewarded when he reached apotheosis, having transcended humanity after numerous cybernetic improvements. First came his legs, torn off by angry Titanspawn of Aten, then his eyes when he was blinded in a final confrontation against Aten's forces. Little by little, his humanity faded away, but his Legend grew, and eventually Zerris rose to join the Gods. By then, however, the Kami of the machine inside him had become such an integral part of his nature as to be as powerful as his own Soul. He now works with those Kami - the first one to join him, "Circuit", chief among them - to create increasingly-advanced new entities, merging ichor and Kami together.

Seen with suspicion by most Gods, he was taken under the wing of Dian Cécht, who - as the first creator of an artificial limb - sees him as an (albeit over-zealous) innovator.

Associated Powers

Fire - Invention
Runic Druid
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Fire - Life
Light - Illumination

Associated Abilities

First Aid