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The mighty Zeus is the uncontested King of Olympus, and the most powerful active God alive (as Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva are very removed from the World). His power, leadership, and political acumen have ensured the Theoi's place as one of the Big Three Pantheons alongside the Neter and Deva, and without Zeus, Kronus would still be ruling the Overworld.

With his incredible power, and how liberally he uses it, it is a wonder that he has yet to be Fatebound to the Titans. Nevertheless, some say his sheer will and mastery over the elements are what allows him to do so: he is too stubborn and strong-minded to be given orders, even by Fate itself.

Many of the Theoi are his children - including Athena, Hermes, Apollo and many more - or his siblings - Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia and Demeter. That makes him the central pillar around which all of the Theoi (nay, all of the Overworld) revolves.

Zeus has an unquenchable sexual appetite, and is constantly chasing after his next conquest, to Hera's constant exasperation. It was foretold that he would be brought down by his own child, yet he does not - cannot - stop. As such he has many Godborns, all proud and powerful but constantly followed by the jealousy of Hera.

Associated Powers

Epic Presence
Light - Brightness
Order - Control
Mentalism - Soothe
Epic Strength
Epic Beauty
Fire - Strife

Associated Abilities


Known Godborns