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Art by Zack Stella

Chinese God of Sky, Zhuanxu is the son of Shangdi.

Tall with etheral looks, Zhuanxu is the second divine teacher humanity had. He is rather a calm and gentle deity, not prompt to violence, unless his brethren are threatened. In this case, one should fear his powerful ire. He was the one who stalled Yam himself during the First Titanomachy, only a few years after his birth.

As a teacher of humanity, Zhuanxu taught humans about calendars, astromancy, religion and respect towards the Gods, bannished close-kin marriage and implanted patriarchal society. He even ruled them for a while, through different means, sometimes even going on the World himself.

But the fatebindings were too high, even when not stepping onto the World directly. So Zhuanxu had to let go of his teacher responsibility. This when the Law forbidding anyone but Shangdi to teach humans was formulated.

During the Concordat of Stonehenge, Zhuanxu was among the Bureaucracy's negotation party and played a big role in favor of the withdrawal of the Gods from the World. Understanding the dangers for the Gods, he reckoned, to his own damn, that humanity would be better off without the direct influence of the Gods.

Since then, Zhuanxu takes care of every matters regarding the Sky, especially keeping at bay the Titans of Amaunet. On his free time, he likes to overlook humanity's progress, hidden in clouds.

As a Sky deity, he nurtures a long friendship with Zeus. The fact that the Theoi leader is able to be as close to the World (even if its mainly to procreate) without the fear of Fate baffles him. He envies the freedom the Greeks have when his every move has to be approved through the Bureaucracy.

His Godborn are also driven by the desire to teach others. They prize excellency and always show excellent imagination when it comes to discover new fields of jobs or research. They are usually highly-intelligent humans, even sometimes Nobel Prize winners. But, often, their high intelligence make them unable to understand less talented people, which easily frustrates them. They can be found in all kinds of scientific fields or they can be economists or even famous singers or presentators of educative tv shows.

Associated Powers

Sky - Calm
Sky - Destruction
Sky - Tempest
Order - Control
Tai Yi - Nature
Epic Presence
Death - Destruction
Light - Brightness

Associated Abilities