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Art by autlaw

Titan of Light as Illumination, Zhulong started his life as a mythborn, one of the first Dragons and a distant offspring of Kur.

During the First Titanomachy, he decided to take a neutral stance, preferring isolation and meditation to conflict. When Kronus and his siblings triumphed, Kronus' brother Hyperion asked Zhulong to serve him as counsel in his role as the newfound ruler of Aether. Hyperion's glorious influence with Zhulong's innovation and brilliant ideas made an impressive duo that allowed both their powers to rise greatly. The Dragon realized too late the insidious Fatebindings that had permeated the nature of his new master and therefore, his own. He had become a Titan Avatar, the dragon of Ideas and Illumination.

During the Second Titanomachy, Hyperion and Zhulong were neutral. Despite the Gods fighting Hyperion's own brother Kronus, the rivalry between Glory and Control was too strong to allow them to work together. As such Aether remained relatively unscathed by Kronus' wars, Hyperion's iron grip keeping his influence at bay.

However, over the centuries, a new power rose in Aether - Aten. Slowly but relentlessly, Aten enslaved or absorbed a large portion of Aether, and ultimately, in 500AD, Hyperion himself. Zhulong was forced into exile, taking home in the Jade Sea where he was first born, as one of the Dragon Kings.

While beings like Prometheus are quite creative, they lack the purity of abstract thought that characterizes Zhulong. Zhulong has many, many ideas… All the time… As an Avatar, he is condemned by Fate to be trapped in his own mind. He remains functional, but his behavior can be distant, especially if he can't meditate for a while. He is the spark of genius and madness inside all of us. At his contact, beings find answers to problems that their moral code prevented them from considering… Zhulong inspired mathematics, poetry, philosophy and designs all over the world. He almost finds the material world repulsive, preferring ideas, concepts and vision. He is the "lightbulb" of inventors, the sudden revelation that allows one stuck in darkness to find his way back into the light.

Holding a powerful torch in his mouth, blowing seasonal wind from his nostrils, with a demented light in his eyes, Zhulong is always massive, with a white or crimson serpentine body and a human bearded face. With his knowledge of Kosmos, Kronus and Aten, he represents a mine of useful information… But the Jade Sea has decided to remain neutral for now in the upcoming conflict and it is hard to strong-arm a dragon.