Emissary of its creator Xiuhtecuhtli, Zoltar is a symbol of Rebirth. Born from the deepest flame river in Muspelheim, Zoltar never uses its abilities to cause harm. Unless provoked, it instead acts as a benevolent and majestic herald of the Titan of Life. It inspired many human tales and, as depicted in those, it is able to be reborn if it ever is defeated. However, if such an event should happen, Zoltar would need several decades to resurect and even so it would be as a weak nestling quickly growing in power to retrieve its former glory.

Since his master nurtures good relations with Gaia, Zoltar is often seen in Terra where it is well welcomed by the Terran Titanness as both of them share a mutual respect towards one another, Gaia being fascinated by the Rebirth concept while Zoltar is always amazed by the evolutions in Gaia's life designs.